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Where are our different products manufactured?

- The figurines, scenery and game accessories are printed by us.

- The play mats are designed by our team, and are printed by a local French printer.

What material are the figurines made from?

The figurines are printed by SLA technique using a photosensitive resin.

How are the decorations printed?

The decorations and game aids are printed using the fused plastic deposition technique, or FDM, recognizable by the presence of fine streaks on the surface of the object.

How accurate are the different prints?

- Concerning the figurines, a printer with a screen with a resolution of 6K and a layer thickness of 25 µm is used. The layers are almost invisible to the naked eye!

- Concerning the decorations, an FDM printer with a layer thickness of 0.12 mm is commonly used to guarantee the best possible precision.

How to prepare your figurine before painting?

During the manufacturing process, the figurines are cleaned with alcohol then with soapy water. So they arrive ready to paint! (an adhesion undercoat is recommended).

As for the decorations and game aids printed in FDM, they are also ready to paint. The use of a primer is recommended to minimize streaks caused by printing.

What are the manufacturing times?

Upon receipt of payment for the order, the figurines are sent to print within a maximum of 4 working days. The average time is approximately 24 hours following receipt of payment.

Given the longer printing times for decorations and game aids, a longer manufacturing time is necessary (up to 10 working days).

These indicative deadlines may vary depending on the activity of the Forge!

How are our products shipped?

We take great care in shipping these fragile parts! The packages are sized according to the order, and carefully prepared (bubble wrap and cushioning particles).

What are the shipping times?

An average shipping time of 4 to 5 working days is necessary for a shipment via Mondial Relay for mainland France and to Belgium.

Please note that no shipments will be made on Sundays or Mondays.

Is your package lost or arrived damaged?

Contact each other to find a solution together!