Collection: Mystery Box

A mysterious box that can contain figurines, scenery and so much more. Who knows, maybe you will receive the One Ring? In this case, we promise, the Mystery Box will not contain Gollum!

But why subscribe to a Mystery Box?

  • They are advantageous ! You will receive a Mystery Box containing a higher market value than what you pay.
  • They are thoughtful ! The figurines received will allow us to develop coherent and playable army lists as we receive them!
  • They are inclusive ! All the creators we work with will be featured in these Mystery Boxes.
  • Finally, they are a great gift idea for figurine-pushing hobbits!

The little extra, you can subscribe to receive a Mystery Box every month ( subscription can be canceled at any time without charge )* and thus obtain a reduction on the price of your Mystery Box!

Mystery Box available in several sizes, oriented towards Good or Evil, but also in a mixed version!

*: subscription conditions are available in our general conditions of sale.